Study Areas

Study Sites located across four departments in Colombia; Antioquia, Cauca, Meta, and Valle del Cauca

The study areas are located at CIAT Headquarters at Palmira (Valle del Cauca department) and various smallholder and medium sized farms in Antioquia, Cauca and Meta departments. 

Study areaArea (m2)Centre Coordinates
Finca Porvenir75,5251.984 N77.101 W
Finca Pinar del Rio129,0001.957 N77.123 W
Finca Guachicono90,2602.009 N77.021 W
Finca El Eden119,0412.035 N77.080 W
Finca California83,9602.037 N77.110 W
CIAT 144,9723.496 N76.347 W
CIAT 215,2903.506 N76.352 W
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